Tow truck – Intro

A tow truck is a large vehicle used to safely move temporarily disabled, improperly fitted, impounded, or simply indisposed motor vehicles. It is often used by tow truck companies to move personal cars or other large items, but the name is commonly used in order to refer to any type of moving vehicle that requires to be moved with the assistance of a vehicle that is designed for this purpose. Tow trucks are available in different sizes, styles, and designs. They can be utilized to transport any type of motor vehicle including semi-trailer trucks, five-star trucks, low-loaders, Luton trucks, and more.

If you are considering purchasing one of these trucks, you need to first determine what size and style of tow truck you will need. The style of truck usually refers to the style of hook and chain that you will attach to your vehicle. Smaller trucks usually have a flatbed style of hook and chain, while medium and large duty trucks usually have a rolling chain system. Also, both small and medium duty trucks require a specific type of hitch to connect to their hitch, such as a universal mounting hitch, U-bend hook, cable release, or a transfer case carrier.

The purpose of the mounting system is to make sure that the vehicles can be lifted without the use of an airlift. There are two types of lifts that are commonly available on most tow truck models, an automatic lift or a manual labor lift. Automatic lifts are typically used when there are multiple vehicles to move; however, manual labor lifts are typically used when there are only two or three vehicles to be moved. Both of these types of lifts are available in various styles, and the most common type of lift involves hydraulic cylinders and a chain being connected to a hydraulic cylinder.